October 2008 Newsletter

Posted By on October 21, 2008

A FORT WAYNE BABY HAS BEEN SAVED! . . . A Ft. Wayne mother was on her way to the abortion clinic for her eighteen hour pre-counseling appointment. As she drove she saw two of the “Pray and Fast to End Abortion” signs in people’s yards.  Her heart was stirred and she knew she could not go through with the abortion and returned home.  Come Holy Spirit and fill our hearts with love for this women and her baby.  Thank you Lord for this cherished life. Help us not to forget her in prayer one day during the next nine months, for indeed she will need support.  

ASIA’S FIRST LUTHERAN PREGNANCY CENTER  . . . Adoption is not a new term in pro-life circles.  But in the case of a growing life ministry project in Asia, it takes on new meaning.  LCMS Sanctity of Life Ministries is looking for U.S. Lutheran churches or groups to “adopt” the first Lutheran pregnancy resource center in Asia.

How do we know of this?  The mother of this young woman filled with joy for her daughter’s decision, shared with a friend, who shared with a friend, who phoned the co-campaign director to share the beauty of God’s power to transform hearts. This news came before church on “Respect Life Sunday.” We bend our knees in thanksgiving and praise!

According to the World Health Organization, Asia accounts for 59 percent of the world’s abortions.  North America, by comparison, accounts for 3 percent.  In China alone, an estimated nine million abortions take place each year.

“The need for Christ-centered crisis pregnancy outreach in Asia is huge.  Asian women and girls desperately need the gospel-oriented ministry that we Lutherans are uniquely qualified to provide.”  states Darin Storkson, Asia regional director for LCMS World Relief and Human Care.  Funds are being raised to build the first Lutheran pregnancy center in Asia.  Hopefully the center will open this year’s end.  For more information contact Maggie Karner at Maggie.karner@lcms.org or (765) 748-7743.

KEEP INFORMED . . .  Six U.S. Supreme Court justices will be 69 or older before the next president is sworn in.  That is why it’s time to renew.  Six new justices not only put a new perspective on the election, but also paint a picture of our future political landscape.  You’ll need to know every new nominee, what they stand for and how they will shape our nation.  After all, when it’s a lifetime appointment, you can’t afford to miss a single issue.

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