May 2009 Newsletter

Posted By on May 26, 2009

TEENS SUFFER MORE FROM ABORTIONS…In comparison to adult women; teenage girls who abort their child have significantly higher risk of serious physical and psychological problems.  For example, a study entitled “Detrimental Effects of Adolescent Abortion,” by Amy Sobie and David Reardon reports that, compared to adult women, teens are: 

  • two to four times more likely to commit suicide 
  • more likely to develop psychological problems, including paranoia, drug abuse, psychotic delusions, projection of their problems onto others, and “acting out” strategies 
  • more likely to have troubled relationships 
  • are generally in need of more counseling and guidance regarding abortion 
  • are nearly three times more likely to be admitted to mental health hospitals 

The Alan Guttmacher Institute reports that about 40% of teenage abortions happen without parental involvement.  This means that parents have no warning about the emotional or physical harm their child may suffer.  They may not understand the cause of the depression, anger or substance abuse in their daughter and their anger or confusion can cause further emotional problem for the daughter and the family.  There have been several tragic cases of death of teens from the complications of abortions that the parents were uninformed about.  Parental notification laws can help prevent such tragedies, but sadly pro-abortion advocates still oppose such legislation. National Pro-Life Religious Council, Winter, 2009

BORN ALIVE BILL…A South Carolina state Senate subcommittee approved a bill known as the Born-Alive Infant Protection Act to protect babies who survive abortions. The legislation declares that any child born alive, including those who survive abortion, have the same constitutional rights as any other person. The bill also prevents throwing an unborn child away as so-called medical waste.

FAKE HUMAN CLONING BAN’S PROGRESS…The statewide pro-life group in Oregon is calling on pro-life advocates to take action to stop a bill masquerading as a ban on human cloning Oregon Right to Life says HB 2598-A not only fails to ban human cloning but allows scientists to clone and kill human embryos for dubious scientific research. Under HB 2598-A it would be legal to clone humans and let them grow up to 14 days. After that Section 7 of HB 2598-A requires cloned human embryos to be destroyed.

EUTHANASIA ADVOCATE MAY MOVE TO AMERICA…Australian euthanasia and advocate Philip  Nitschke is considering moving to the United States after the British immigration officials rejected his application to move there. Known as “Dr. Death” of Australia and New Zealand, Nitschke would pose additional problems for pro-life advocates in the U.S. Because of the limits Australia has placed on his attempt to import suicide drugs and promote euthanasia on the internet, Nitschke has been looking for new stomping grounds. He states the U.S. still has freedom of speech and increasingly looks like a less hostile environment.

LFL STRIVES TO CONNECT moms to the promises of God’s presence in Christ-the presence of His strength to those hard-working and sometimes struggling and questioning moms, the presence of his power and forgiveness to teenage moms, the presence of His love and comfort to moms who have miscarried, the presence of his love, comfort, and forgiveness to those moms who have aborted, the presence of His hope for all the above, and his presence to help yet-to-be moms see the importance of chastity and marriage.  Obviously, helping moms is not all we do.  But when you help moms you’ve gone a long way in promoting the sanctity of human life.

THE WOMEN’S CARE CENTER will be celebrating its 5th year since opening in Fort Wayne.  Hearts of God will be held at the Grand Wayne Center on Tuesday, June 2nd beginning at 5:30 p.m.  Mr. Lou Holtz, retired football coach from Notre Dame, will be the guest speaker.  The cost for this even is $250 per person.  The center has had 50,000 visits since its opening, 719 babies born, 609 wrong door visits, and 17 $100 babies.

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