Unforgettable Words

Posted By on March 23, 2012

March 21st was World Down Syndrome Day. Rev. Dr. James I. Lamb wrote the following:

I remember her words as if it were yesterday. In actuality, however, it was several years ago at our LFL conference in St. Louis, Missouri. We introduced a new version of our For Life promotional video. Mikki, a child with Down syndrome, and her mother were featured in the video. When the diagnosis was made before Mikki was born, her mom received a great deal of pressure to abort. She chose life! 

We invited Mikki and her parents to the conference where we showed the video for the first time. After the viewing, we asked Mikki if she would like to say anything to the gathering of over 300 people. She readily took the microphone and spoke those unforgettable words, “Thanks for giving kids like me a chance.” To a standing ovation, she returned to her seat.

LFL stands today to salute all the “Mikki’s” and their families out there. We share what we hear over and over again from parents of Down syndrome children—they are such a BLESSING! 

LFL stands today (World Down Syndrome Day) to salute all those who advocate for these children. We honor those who uphold the value of life knowing it does not come from our abilities or how our chromosomes are arranged but from our God who created us and redeemed us in Jesus. So please take personally those unforgettable words, “Thanks for giving kids like me a chance.”


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