40 Days for Life Prayer Warriors

Posted By on March 10, 2014


“Let Us Rejoice and Be Glad” . . . Psalm 118:24



Dear Faithful 40 Days for Life Prayer Warriors:

Our prayers have been heard and answered.   Allen County has been abortion free since December 31, 2013.  We are a blessed community.  Our Lord is faithful and true.

In Allen County: No blood is being shed; No babies are dying, and No mothers are crying from abortions performed here!

Allen County will not be participating in the National “40 Days for Life” campaign this spring. However, we invite everyone to participate in “40 Days of Praise and Thanksgiving” from March 5th through April 13th, and pray for an end to abortions across our state where babies continue to be lost by the thousands leaving behind wounded mothers.

Please set a reminder on your phone, computer, kitchen timer or whatever works for you for 3:00 p.m. each day to pray a prayer of Praise and Thanksgiving to Our precious Lord.  We stood united in prayer to end abortion, now we are called to follow the example of the healed leper as we stand united in prayer to say “Thank You” and to ask the Lord to make the current status of an abortion free Allen County permanent.

“When one of them saw that he was healed, he came back. He praised God in a loud voice. He threw himself at Jesus’ feet and thanked Him.” . . . Luke 17:15

Here is how this blessing unfolded.  As we understand it, Allen County Right to Life routinely requests from the Indiana Department of Health copies of the termination of pregnancy reports for every abortion performed in Allen County that the abortionist is required to file by State law. Thousands of errors and omissions were discovered over a two year period. Staff with St. Joseph County Right to Life and Lake County Right to Life (the other counties where abortionist Dr. Ulrich Klopfer operates in addition to Allen County) found similar errors and lack of reporting abortions performed on young girls under age 14 as required by State regulations.  Klopfer was also quoted in media accounts as saying he planned to instruct the parents of underage girls to seek an abortions in another state to avoid Indiana reporting laws.  Prolife OB-GYN Dr. Geoff Cly had been serving as the “back up” physician for Klopfer as required by our Allen County Patient Safety ordinance. Dr. Cly decided to terminate that relationship due to the reporting errors especially the lack of appropriate reporting of abortions on young girls. Without a local back-up physician Kloper can no longer perform abortions in Allen County. Legislation is moving through the Indiana Statehouse this session to ensure back-up physicians are secured for all abortionists in the State.  Praise GOD ! ! !

Klopfer’s license is currently under investigation by the Indiana Attorney General as requested at a hearing convened by the Indiana Medical Licensing Board to review Klopfer’s license renewal. The hearing resulted from complaints filed by concerned citizens in Allen, St. Joseph and Lake Counties about the reporting errors and omissions.

Our current plans include a Fall 40 Days for Life Campaign. Please look for more information about our next campaign over the summer months.

We thank you and your families for STANDING UNITED for LIFE ! ! !



John and Karla DiFilippo



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