May 2010 Newsletter

Posted By on May 16, 2010

Patient Safety Ordinance Passes on Good Friday . . . Cathie Humbarger…Thank God for Good Friday!  May we be reminded of the ultimate sacrifice Jesus made for our redemption as we make our small sacrifices to serve Him.  After 18 months of unrelenting effort, prayer and phone calls, I am pleased to report that the Allen County Commissioners passed the Patient Safety Ordinance today with a unanimous vote. 

 Under this ordinance all itinerant physicians are required to: 

  1. File verification of emergency contact information with the Allen Co. Health Department prior to providing medical care in Allen County, Indiana.  A $250 filing fee will be paid at the time of filing.
  2. File verification of emergency contact information and alternate physician designee with all Allen County operating hospitals, emergency departments and urgent care providers.
  3. Notify the patient orally and in writing of the emergency contact information if complications arise.  Keep on file as a permanent record a copy of such written notification signed by the patient to whom it was provided. 

 The entire text of the ordinance will be posted on our website at as soon as it is available.

Please join me in thanking Commissioner Nelson Peters, Linda Bloom and Bill Brown and Dr. Geoff Cly and numerous physicians for improving the care of all patients of itinerant physicians.  And, of course, thank the Lord for allowing us to be a part of what he is doing.

Abortion Practitioner Loses Medical License for Killing Wrong Twin in Failed Abortion—Miami, FL (…A Florida-based abortion practitioner lost his medical license this weekend after the state medical board evaluated his license.  Matthew Kachinas was supposed to do an abortion on one of the twin babies who had Down Syndrome but would end up killing the other baby in the failed abortion.  Kachinas injected a chemical to kill the baby in the abortion, but the injection ultimately killed the healthy unborn child. 

The Florida Board of medicine met over the weekend, according to the Miami Herald, and revoked Kachinas’ license for that and other cases that have come to its attention where Kachinas engaged in shoddy medicine. Immediately after the hearing, Kachinas said he would kill himself and was hospitalized at a local mental health facility out of concerns for his well-being, the newspaper reported. 

Kachinas was one of the few abortion practitioners in Florida to engage in second-trimester abortions or the practice known as “selective reduction,” whereby one or more unborn children are killed when a pregnancy involves more than one baby. 

The pregnancy in question involved unborn children conceived through in-vitro fertilization. Records show that after the “wrong” baby was killed in the first abortion, a second abortion was done to kill the disabled unborn child as well.  The babies were 15 weeks along at the time of the abortion.  The twin who was considered healthy was a girl while the twin diagnosed, as having Down Syndrome was a boy. reported in August that the abortion center where Kachinas worked closed down.  It was one of three abortion facilities in Sarasota, Florida, and the only one to do second trimester abortions.

Targeted for Termination—April 19, 2010, Kurt Kondrich…This past week, I read an article that disturbed me deeply concerning a Florida doctor who had his license revoked.  The article stated that the doctor “lost his license for mistakenly abortion a healthy twin during a procedure targeting a deformed fetus.”  The doctor was “targeting a fetus with Down Syndrome,” and he admitted he “screwed up.”

Based on the facts presented in this article, one can conclude that if the doctor had properly targeted the unborn child with Down Syndrome and successfully terminated this twin, then he would have kept his medical license.  My beautiful 6-year old daughter Chloe has Down Syndrome and has brought immeasurable good and blessings into this world, and I have observed no “deformities” about her.

Parents of children with such disabilities have fought very hard over the past decades to have our children fully included and accepted in schools and communities.  We have made great progress with “inclusion” since the days of institutionalization, but with prenatal testing, we have now entered a slippery slope that is rapidly turning into solid

ice.  If our society devalues the life of a person with a prenatal diagnosed disability and targets them for termination, then this represents the ultimate “exclusion” and eventual “extinction.” 

Currently 90 percent or more of children diagnosed parentally with Down Syndrome are “excluded” from ever shining their bright light in a lost world that has become obsessed with perfection and unrealistic traits.  If the proper practice of medicine in our culture includes the skill of identifying and eliminating a prenatal twin who fails to meet the criteria of “normal,” then we truly do need a massive overhaul of the “health care” system, and it is the soul of our nation that is “deformed.”

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