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“Endangered Species”

 A Billboard campaign in Georgia is educating people about abortion’s roots – and fueling a national movement aiming to end it once and for all!

The message was simple and powerful.  A tight shot of a black infant’s face, accompanied by the words “Black children are an endangered species.  TooManyAborted.com.”  A message stretched across a billboard 48 feet wide and repeated 80 times. 

That’s what drivers on highways throughout Georgia’s DeKalb and Fulton counties saw between January 21st and March 31st of this year, a grim acknowledgement of the fact that the Peach State leads the nation in abortions performed on black women – 20,866 in 2008 alone.  And DeKalb and Fulton counties, which are predominantly black, also happen to be where most of the state’s abortion clinics are concentrated.

It would be an amazing coincidence, the billboards’ creators say, if not for the fact that it is so insidiously intentional.

The billboard campaign is the brainchild of Ryan Bomberger, the 38 year old co-founder of The Radiance Foundation, an urban outreach ministry headquartered in Atlanta.  For Bombaerger, a bi-racial kid who grew up in a diverse family that included 13 adoptees, abortion strikes closer to home than most:  His biological mother was a rape victim who chose life.

“I wanted to get the message out there that the black community is being devastated by abortion,” he says simply.  “Black children are an endangered human species, more so than any other demographic in America, through abortion.”

Bomberger’s efforts, supported by Georgia Right to Life, paid off.  As papers from as far away as New York City ran stories, he and Georgia Right to Life Minority Outreach Coordinator, Catherine Davis spoke to black colleges and churches around the state about the impact abortion is having on their community.  Several began showing a new documentary produced by Life Dynamics, a pro-life group in Denton, Texas.  Maafa 21 deals the Nazi-style eugenics philosophy employed by Margaret Sanger, the woman who founded the Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

What few people realize about Planned Parenthood – and what Maafa 21 reveals – is that abortion had nothing to do with women’s rights when Sanger established the group in the early 20th century.   It had everything to do with controlling and even eliminating the black population.

For more information visit TooManyAborted.com or maafa21.com.

Karla Dial is a freelance reporter in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  Paid for by CitizenLink and published in CitizenLink issue, June/July, 2010. To read entire article click on the following link:


Planned Parenthood Wants to Nationalize Telemed Abortions—Audrey Bright…Planned Parenthood has revealed a plan to expand its so-called “telemed” abortion process to clinics across the country over five years.  The process allows a woman to obtain abortion pills via teleconferencing without an actual physical exam.

Cheryl Sullenger, senior policy advisor for Operation Rescue, said the plan would make abortion services more readily available, thus impacting the abortion rate.

“By expanding these abortions to all of these additional clinics,” she said, “some in places where right now there aren’t abortion services for hundreds of miles, we believe that’s going to increase the number of abortions.”

 Derrick Jones, spokesperson for national Right to Life, said that while the “telemed” drug has been touted as a be-all, end-all drug for women to have an abortion, it’s anything but safe.

“It’s a multi-pill, multi-stage process,” he said, “and it does have enormous physical risks.”

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