February 2009 Newsletter

Posted By on February 21, 2009

ADVANCED AMERICA…Advance America is Indiana’s largest pro-family and pro-tax reform organization founded in 1980.  Advance America is a non-partisan organization and does not endorse any candidate nor any political party.  Advance America is dedicated to giving Hoosiers information about what is going on in their state government and what they can do to make a difference on those issues of importance to them and their family.  For more information go to www.AdvanceAmerica.com.

UMBILICAL CORD BLOOD THERAPY COULD HELP ALS PATIENTS…A pre-clinical study by University of South Florida scientists reveals that transplantation of human umbilical cord blood cells may help patients with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), known as Lou Gehrig’s disease.  The findings show the moderate-strength dose of the cells most effectively increased lifespan and reduced disease progression. For more information on this procedure, call your local hospital.  Source: 6/26/08 – www.sciencedaily.com…WEBSITE RESOURCE: www.ChristianLifeResources.com (shortcut #7664)

SENATE PASSES ‘PATIENT-SAFETY BILL’…Indianapolis – The Indiana Senate has voted 44-6 in favor of a bill that would require doctors who perform abortions to have admitting privileges at hospitals.  Supporters say the move would improve patient safety.  But opponents say the legislation is aimed at restricting access of women to abortions, which they say are already heavily regulated.  The Republican-dominated Senate also voted 39-11 to pass a bill that would require women seeking abortions to be informed that there is differing medical evidence on when a fetus can feel pain and that a fertilized human egg begins to divide and grow immediately.

NEWS FROM LONDON, ENGLAND…Adult stem cells research trials could reduce need for heart transplants.  Adult stem cells have been used for years to repair heart damage in patients, but scientists at London’s King’s College Hospital are hoping that a pioneering treatment could take them to the next level.  The treatment involves taking a patient’s own stem cells and growing them in a laboratory setting.  The bone marrow cells are turned into human heart cells and then injected into the heart to repair damage.  Placing heart stem cells into the heart to repair has a very good chance of working because the stem cells are the patient’s own; there is no problem of rejection.

WRONGFUL DEATH OF A CHILD…SB 341 (Becker, Steele) and HB 1282 (Welch) Awaits 2nd Reading…Specifics that the law concerning the wrongful death or injury of a child: (1) does not apply to a legally performed abortion, and (2) applies to a fetus that has attained viability.  Provides that the law concerning the wrongful death or injury of a child does not affect or supersede any other right, remedy, or defense provided by any other law.  Indiana Right to Life opposes these bills because they tie the age of the child back to viability, rather than in-utero.  While this would be a step in the right direction because Indiana currently does not recognize the death of a fetus in civil matters, tying it to the existing viability laws denies the life of the fetus before approximately 5-7 months of gestational age.

WRITTEN CONSENT FETAL PAIN, ADOPTON, LIFE BEINGS AT FERTILIZATION…SB 90 (Miller, Leising, Buck, Mrvan, Kruse)…STATUS: Passed 6-5 Committee on Health and Provider Services.  An amendment to insert a definition of contraception was defeated 6-5.  AWAITS SECOND READINGProvides that for consent to an abortion to be voluntary and informed, a physician must inform the pregnant woman that there is differing medical evidence concerning when a fetus feels pain.  Provides that notice must be given to a pregnant woman in writing at least 18 hours before an abortion:  (1) concerning the availability of adoptions and that certain adoption-related expenses may be borne by the adoptive parents; (2) concerning physical risks to the woman in having an abortion; and (3) stating that an embryo formed by the fertilization of a human ovum by a human sperm immediately begins to divide and grow as human physical life.   IRTL supports this bill because women who are considering abortion should have information in writing.  Currently, informed consent in the state of Indiana is verbal only.  This bill would tell her certain key characteristics of the procedure she is considering, as well as options available to her.

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