April 2009 Newsletter

Posted By on May 15, 2009

BRINGING GOOD NEWS TO LIFE…Lutherans For Life, a national organization, is celebrating its 30th year.  It is a ministry that seeks to energize and equip individuals, pastors, and congregations to apply the Gospel of Jesus Christ to life issues.  We do this through education and resources based on the Word of god. Our vision is to be a powerful, biblical, pro-life voice and resource to Lutherans and, through them, transform society.  Examples of lives changed:  “I was at the doctor’s office when I picked up a copy of LifeDate, a Lutheran for Life quarterly publication.  It had many wonderful articles, but one caught my attention and changed my life.  It was a story of a young woman who was pregnant and was helped through an agency that is financially supported by LFL chapters and supporters.  Although no one knew it, I was pregnant.  And I had been planning an abortion.  After I read the article, I changed my mind about the abortion.  I chose life!  Today my daughter is eleven years old.  This resource saved my daughter’s life.”  “Susie is special…special in many ways!  She has Down syndrome, but that doesn’t keep her from sharing her faith with everyone she meets.  Thank God for special children.  She makes my life special” (90% of these babies are aborted).  “I had an abortion 15 years ago.  For years I carried guilt, couldn’t forgive myself, and wouldn’t attend church.  I didn’t think God would ever forgive me.  Then I heard about a post-abortive Bible study a local chapter was sponsoring in partnership with a pregnancy resource center.  I began attending and heard of God’s love and forgiveness.  It took time, but I accepted the forgiveness that Christ offers.  That study transformed my life.  Thank you for helping people choose life” (There is an agency in Fort Wayne, A Hope Center, that holds post-abortive Bible studies).  A convocation on Post Abortion Syndrome will be held at Concordia Seminary on Wednesday, May 6th at 11:00 a.m. in room L-7 in Loehe Hall.  The public is invited.  Carolyn Beitz, Fort Wayne Area Lutherans For Life

$100 BABY…It was a friend who first called the Women’s Care Center in Fort Wayne worried about Kelly.  She told our counselor that Kelly was having an abortion and asked us to help.  Our counselor, Molly, encouraged her to have Kelly come in right away.  When Kelly arrived for her appointment, she was very distraught.  In her 30s and professionally employed, she already had older children and couldn’t imagine having a baby again.  However, after speaking with Molly and seen an ultrasound, Kelly seemed to calm down and choose life.  As she was leaving, Molly gave her a “congrats” package of prenatal vitamins and baby items that we give all of our new moms-to-be.  However, a few weeks later, Kelly was back to return her congrats package.  She told Molly that her boyfriend had left her and she just couldn’t keep the baby. She had already been to the abortion clinic and made a $100 deposit on an abortion.  Molly invited Kelly to come in and talk for awhile.  Molly explained that abortion would only make her life worse in so many ways.  Molly also assured Kelly that we would support her every step of the way, and could refund the $100 deposit she had made to the abortion clinic.  Just having Molly to talk to was what Kelly needed.  She chose life that day and never again wavered.  Kelly comes to the center frequently throughout her pregnancy just to talk.  She participated in one-on-one birth preparation and earned baby items through the Crib Club.  Kelly recently returned to the center to show Molly her precious baby girl.  Overcome with love for her child, she said, “I will always be grateful to you for helping me when I was so afraid.” CARELINE

SPRING 40 DAYS FOR LIFE 200O was held in 43 states across THE United States, Canada, Northern Ireland and Australia.  Standing as a witness outside abortion facilities-even when it’s tough and unpopular-is always worth it.  Just ask the 368 children whose lives have been saved from abortion during this spring’s “40 Days for Life.”  Several clinics have “down sized” due to the response to 40 Days, plus, men and women who have experienced an abortion are telling of their regrets of abortion and now are praising God for healing and forgiveness.  Allen County Right to Life will be holding a fall vigil September 23rd to November 2nd.. More information will follow at a later date.

WHAT IS THE FREEDOM OF CHOICE ACT (FOCA)?…A priority of Obama and the Democratic congressional leadership and their pro-abortion allies is the passage of a devastating piece of legislation…the so-called Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA).

WHAT WOULD FOCA DO?…FOCA would eliminate all of the federal and state laws passed in the past 35 years that restrict abortion and protect women and unborn babies…laws that the majority of Indiana residents support.  If FOCA becomes law… 

  • You, as a taxpayer, forced to pay for abortions
  • Partial-birth abortion legal again
  • Secret abortions for our minor daughters with no parental involvement
  • No required information or waiting periods for women seeking abortions
  • Medical professionals and facilities forced to perform abortions 

To find out more about FOCA and how you can be a part of stopping it, go to Indiana Right to Life’s website, www.protectinglife.com.  From Life News.com

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