Indiana Senate Bill 72

Posted By on March 4, 2012

Senate Bill 72 passed third reading in the Senate this by a 36 to 0 vote. The Democrats did not vote on this bill. The bill now moves to the House for action.

Following is a synopsis of the bill:

Abortion matters. Establishes a pilot program in Allen County until July 1, 2015 concerning physical plant requirements for abortion clinics. Requires the state department of health (state department) to: (1) inspect the Allen county abortion clinics at least one time per year during the pilot program; and (2) report to the health finance commission during the 2014 legislative interim concerning the pilot program. Requires the state department to develop written materials to be provided to a pregnant woman setting forth certain information relating to abortion. Allows the state department to post the materials on the state department’s website or charge a fee to a provider who requests from the state department written copies of the materials to defray the state department’s cost of printing the materials. Specifies that only a physician who meets certain conditions may administer to a pregnant woman an abortion inducing drug, and sets forth the procedure that certain physicians must follow. Establishes a Class A misdemeanor for a violation concerning requirements related to an abortion inducing drug.

Senators representing Allen County voted for the bill.

Please click on link to thank them for their vote:

Senator David Long click

Senator Dennis Kruse click

Senator Tom Wyss click

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