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Posted By on February 18, 2014

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157 Babies Killed in Abortion Every Single Hour

Latest video shows a baby’s heart is beating at four weeks, has brain waves at six weeks and feels pain at eight weeks. Most abortions are done at nine weeks after conception. Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion facility in United States.


Abortion Clinic Closed in Fort Wayne

Abortion doctor facing criminal charges, complaints, and an investigation in three counties now faces medical board.

Klopfer will keep his license pending an investigation. The Indiana Medical Licensing Board has shifted the case to the Indiana Attorney General’s office for potential legal charges.


Number of Babies Aborted in NYC Exceeds Capacity of Super Bowl Stadium

by Leah Barkoukis

In New York City alone, 83,750 babies were aborted in 2010, according to the CDC’s recent “Abortion Surveillance” report. To put the figure in perspective, CNS News’ Terence Jeffrey notes that that’s more than enough people to sell out the MetLife Stadium in New Jersey where the Super Bowl will be held this year, which fits 82,500 at capacity.

The 83,750 babies aborted in New York City in 2010, according to the CDC’s annual “Abortion Surveillance,” would also fill Madison Square Garden more than four times over. Madison Square Garden, according to its official website, has a capacity of 19,763 for a basketball game.

In New York state overall, abortionists terminated the lives of 115,724 unborn babies in 2010, according to the CDC report. That is more people than have ever attended any Super Bowl.

New York has the second highest abortion rate in the country, and more African-American babies are aborted in New York City than are born alive.

New York Abortion Bill OKs Shooting Babies Through the Heart With Poison to Kill Them

by Dave Andrusko | Albany, NY | LifeNews.com

On Monday the New York State Assembly passed the ‘Women’s Equality Act,’ once again sending the legislation to the New York State Senate.

Last year, despite support in both the Assembly and the Senate for nine of the ten points, the Assembly held the nine points hostage in favor of the abortion-expanding tenth point.

“There is nothing empowering to women about bringing abortion-on-demand up to the moment of birth to New York,” said Lori Kehoe, Executive Director of New York State Right to Life. “In a day and age when females can be killed in utero simply for the crime of not being male, it is a mockery of what our feminist foremothers stood for to try and force this on New Yorkers. Women’s rights must begin in the womb, or women have no rights at all.”

The tenth point of the Women’s Equality Act, the point of contention between the Assembly and the Senate, would expand access to abortion through all nine months of pregnancy for essentially any reason, would allow non-doctors to perform these surgical procedures, and provides no conscience protections for medical professionals opposed to taking human life.

Throughout the second trimester, late abortions can be completed by dismembering the developed unborn child, even when they can feel pain, pulling the baby out piece by piece until the mother’s uterus is empty. After the abortion, the abortionist must reassemble the child’s body to ensure nothing has been left inside the child’s mother.

In abortions that take place later in pregnancy, which would be legalized in New York by the abortion-expanding Women’s Equality Act, often babies are killed by sliding a needle filled with a chemical agent, such as digoxin, into the beating heart, before being delivered.

“Like the majority of New Yorkers, we oppose expanding abortion-on-demand through all nine months of pregnancy. We stand strong in supporting the right of every individual to have that first right, the right to life,” added Kehoe. “New York’s daughters deserve better than abortion.”

How can you tell women what they can and can’t do with their bodies?

While it is certainly true that a woman’s body is greatly impacted by pregnancy, it is not true that abortion is simply a matter of her choosing to do something with her body. The fetus growing within her womb is a separate person with its own distinct genetic makeup. Abortion does not remove some part of the woman’s body; it destroys the body of a separate, unique individual.

That said, the truth is that pro-lifers cannot “force” a woman to choose life for her body. Abortion is legal, and even if it weren’t, illegal abortion would still be an option. That is why we seek instead to inform women about the consequences of abortion and do what we can to help her choose life for her unborn child.

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