July 2014 Newsletter

Posted By on July 18, 2014


Life Affirming News


Friend of Life, 

Today, America’s highest court unanimously affirmed the right to free speech for sidewalk counselors outside abortion clinics.

This is a huge win for pro-lifers across the nation!  This decision strikes down the Massachusetts buffer zone designed to bar pro-lifers from standing near the entrances of abortion centers. At a time when it seems like injustice runs rampant, it is refreshing to know that more lives will be saved as a result of this ruling.

Pro-life sidewalk counselors can continue to offer the help and hope that so many young girls and women desperately seek, often times thinking abortion is their only option.

Live Action News Update  

Check out the coverage of our explosive SEXED releases.

In Live Action’s latest investigative footage, Planned Parenthood workers tell 15-year-old girls how to engage in dangerous BDSM sex practices, as well as recommend specific porn sites and local sex shops.


One local station went to the streets of Indianapolis to ask moms about their opinion of this shocking video.  Here’s one response:

It’s no wonder each generation seems to get further and further away from the principles of family and decency and self-respect, when we are trying to teach our youth to be no more than an – animals don’t even act that way.  I can’t even degrade animals that way.

Planned Parenthood threatens lawmakers to kill pro-life amendments


California Planned Parenthood affiliates launched an alert to members of the state legislature, urging lawmakers to kill all pro-life measures, including amendments that would ban sex-selective abortions. The memo, dated June 12, stated that the Golden State is a “pro-choice state,” and amendments to restrict abortion would greatly threaten abortion access.

What You Can Do To Help Stop Planned Parenthood

  • Appreciate God’s design for human sexuality and pass that understanding and appreciation on to your children.
  • Help educate others about PP’s true nature and agenda, they in fact are the largest abortion provider.
  • Be alert to Planned Parenthood secretly opening an abortion center in our community under an assumed name in order to receive zoning approval.
  • Let your public officals, city council members, county commissioners, state legislators, members of congress and U.S. president know that you do not want your tax dollars going to PP.
  • Contact your school board members and ask them to keep Planned Parenthood out of local schools. If that is unsuccessful, you have the right to request equal time to share the abstinence/pro-life viewpoint with students.

Let us keep Fort Wayne abortion free!


Criminal cases move forward against Indiana and Georgia criminal abortionists

This has been a busy week for criminal abortionists. The cases of Charles Rossman and Ulrich Klopfer, in Georgia and Indiana, respectively, both moved forward. Rossman heads to prison and it appears that Klopfer may do the same.

Senate Democrats Pushing Bill to Wipe Out Every Single Pro-Life Law on Abortion

by William Saunders and Mary Harned | Washington, DC | LifeNews.com

Few Americans are aware that a “Gosnell Prerogative Act” has been introduced in Congress.  This bill would permit the grisliest abortion providers, like the now-convicted murderer, Kermit Gosnell, to set the standard of care for abortion.

Unsurprisingly, this bill is not actually called the “Gosnell Prerogative Act” instead, S.1696 is deceptively titled the “Women’s Health Protection Act.”  However, it is difficult to imagine a bill less protective of women and their unborn children.

Mom who risked her life to carry triplets to term, has died from cystic fibrosis


Kandace Bowers, the mother with cystic fibrosis, who risked her life and defied doctors by refusing to terminate her triplets, has died almost 4 years after giving birth.



And then there were three: Another Alabama abortion clinic closes


Monday will dawn with more hope for the unborn in Alabama, where the only abortion clinic in the northern region of the state will close its doors.




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