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Life Affirming News


Harrison Responds to SCOTUS Abortion Decision

The Rev. Dr. Matthew C. Harrison / President, The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod

Synod President reflects on High Court ruling invalidating Texas law protecting the health and safety of expectant mothers and their babies.

The United States Supreme Court ruled today that 58 million aborted babies is not enough. Our national sin of abortion now dwarfs the atrocities of the genocide of 6 million Jews by the Nazis, and the extermination of 20 million Christians by the Soviet Union. I can find no other words to describe this disgrace than those of Hermann Sasse directed at the Nazi regime:

The lie is the death of man, his temporal and his eternal death. The lie kills nations. Through their lies, the most powerful empires of the world were laid waste. History knows of no more unsettling spectacle than the judgment which comes to pass when the men of an advanced culture have rejected the truth, and are now swallowed up in a sea of lies. As was the case with fading pagan antiquity, where this happened, religion and law, poetry and philosophy, life in marriage and family, in the state and society, in short, one sphere of life after another, fell sacrifice to the power and curse of the lie. Where man can no longer bear the truth, he cannot live without the lie. Where man, even when dying, lies to himself and others, the terrible dissolution of his culture is held up as a glorious ascent, and decline is viewed as an advance, the like of which has never been experienced. Union and Confession, 1936.

O Lord Jesus, author and source of life, cast us not away because of our sins. Change the minds and hearts of the people of this nation, waning under moral ambiguity. Uphold your Church wherever it stands for life. Give us repentance where Christians have failed to speak and act and vote for life. Help us to continue to care for the least, the last, the needy, the downtrodden, and especially those who have succumbed to the lie. We plead it for your sake. Amen.


National Black for Life Coalition


To end abortion by restoring a culture of Life and the foundation of Family in the Black community.


We will promote traditional family values, from a Biblical worldview, to produce strong and healthy families where babies are safe and able to reach their full potential in life. Through education and awareness media campaigns, community events, political action, lobbying and coalition building of Pro-Life and Pro-Family advocacy groups, we will restore Life, Family and Hope in the Black community.


The National Black Pro-Life Coalition, in line with Biblical teaching, unambiguously and emphatically rejects violence as a solution to the abortion crisis. Inflicting harm on any individual or property is not an acceptable way of resolving any social problem the American public currently faces. We respect and cherish the lives even of those with whom we strongly disagree.

No person who carries out, intends to carry out, or theoretically justifies any act of violence has any part in our organization or our efforts. Abortion is a violent reprehensible act that is carried out thousands of times a day. In our efforts to abolish this violence, we are committed to the pursuit of non-violence and will always advance a climate where that understanding is embraced.


  • We believe we are all deliberate creations, of one blood, made in the image of God.
  • We believe children are essential and deserve protection, legal personhood, nurture, and love in the womb and throughout childhood.
  • We believe the foundation of a stable and healthy society is rooted in the marriage of one man and one woman.
  • We believe the community is the visible expression of life.
  • We believe the viability of a nation is dependent upon its value of human life in all stages.


Press Release

Associated Press / Indianapolis (AP)

Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky says it’s closing six Indiana health centers over the next five months.

It announced Thursday its center in Muncie will close Friday and one in Terre Haute will close on Wednesday.

Planned Parenthood also says its Valparaiso center will merge with one in Merrillville on July 21, its Fishers center will be folded into its Indianapolis east side operation on July 26, its Avon center will be consolidated with one on the Indianapolis south side on Aug. 30, and its East Chicago center will merge with one in Gary on Dec. 15. It says the consolidated health centers will have extended hours.

The nonprofit says patients of its Muncie and Terre Haute health centers are being directed to other nearby health centers


166 Die in Quebec by Euthanasia Since December

Life Site News / July 14, 2016

Figures show 252 adults asked for medical help to die since December 10, and 166 received it.

According to an article in Le Devoir published on July 6, 2016, there have been 252 requests for euthanasia in Quebec since December 10, 2015, and 166 people died by euthanasia. Another 249 people were given terminal palliative sedation.

A similar article from Radio Canada published on the Huffington Post Quebec website on the same day put the figures somewhat lower. The Radio Canada report said that 128 people have been euthanized, while 200 people requested the procedure. Radio Canada did not mention a figure for terminal palliative sedation. The Commission on End-Of-Life Care has not issued an official report on the number of euthanasia procedures; their report is expected in September.

The statistics were compiled by each publication from information on the websites of hospitals throughout Quebec. Each media outlet has interpreted the statistics according to its own position on the issue. While Radio Canada’s article is relatively neutral, the piece in Le Devoir implies that people’s rights are being violated if they die before the eligibility evaluation process is completed and euthanasia can be administered.


“Guardian Angel” discovers abandoned one-day old baby: 9-year-old says God helped her find the little girl

By Dave Andrusko / NRLNews / July 14, 2016

Nine-year-old Elysia Laub was heading to the family pool when she noticed something moving. Initially she couldn’t make out what the object she’d spotted in her back yard covered in maggots was.

Whatever it was, it was “small and pink that was crying and kicking its little legs in the backyard of her home,” according to Chris Spargo of the Daily Mail.

A piglet which had escaped from its pen on the family farm in Lowell, Indiana?

No, it was a newborn baby with her placenta and umbilical cord still attached!

“’I knew it was alive and I knew we had something,” Elysia said. “I could not second guess myself. I knew we had to get help.”

She ran inside, got her mother.

“I thought it was a robotic doll,” Heidi Laub told NBC Chicago. “Then I ran to the baby and scooped it up and I said, “Elysia run to the house and call 911 as soon as possible.”

“It’s obvious that this child, from the medical reports, was born just a few hours before it was found,’ said Sheriff John Buncich, who added that she could have been left out overnight. Spargo writes that the baby “would have likely died had she spent a few more hours in the yard undiscovered, which has earned her the nickname ‘Miracle Jane Doe.’”

“We’re considering Elysia the guardian angel of that infant,” Sheriff Buncich told CBS News.

However “I didn’t do this myself,” Elysia said. “Somebody helped me.”


“God,” the girl said.

Indiana has what is called a “Safe Haven” law which allows mothers to put their babies at a designated place without fear of prosecution.

Authorities are running tests, trying to determine who are the baby girl’s parents. As of yesterday, reports were she was fine and being treated at St. Anthony hospital.



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